Nutrition Coaching+

Premium+ level one to one nutrition coaching services designed to fully fit the unique goals of an individual and provide accountability for execution.

  • Goal Specific+ Package


    Perfect fit for individuals who have short-term goals and need immediate, guaranteed results within a time-sensitive environment.

    • Defined weekly success targets
    • Full body composition assessment
    • Food availability and Dietary pattern assessment
    • Basic nutrition education
    • Custom nutrition program and resources
    • (1) Followup session consumable within the month
    • (1) One month Email support

Basic Nutrition Coaching

Personalized one on one nutrition coaching for everyone’s needs including nutrition for fat loss and muscle gain, performance diets for young and professional athletes, maternal and infant child nutrition with growth monitoring, or just general healthy eating.

  • Guided Nutrition Improvement


    Great fit for individuals who want to have the right skills, guidance, and accountability to make seamless lifelong changes to their eating habits over a longer period of time.

    • 60-90 minute face to face consult
    • Three (3) 30-minute scheduled follow-up sessions consumable within 3 months
    • Immediate professional feedback
    • Step-by-Step action points per session for a gradual change in habits
    • Clear written recommendations
  • Personalized Nutrition Workup


    Great fit for individuals who prefer self-exploration with their goals. Figure out what is the best and shortest way to your goal, your questions answered, and your dietary practices professionally assessed.

    • 60-90 minute face to face consult
    • Immediate professional feedback
    • Clear written recommendations


Consultations and on-going support add-ons for accountability and monitoring. Applicable for anyone who has previously undertaken any one on one nutrition coaching service.

  • Follow-Up Consultation


    Used for tweaking foods plans, ask further questions, change personal goals, break through plateaus, alter supplementation protocols.

    • One (1) thirty-minute follow-up session
    • You may choose to meet in person or via video call
    • Appointments can be made in advance or on an ad-hoc basis
  • Follow-Up Bundle Pack


    Bundled follow-up sessions for a long term support system

    • One time payment
    • Choose from 4, 8, and 12 sessions of follow-ups
    • Each follow-up session lasts about 30 minutes
    • You may choose to meet in person or via video call
    • Appointments can be made in advance or on an ad-hoc basis
  • On-Going Support


    Support access to a nutritionist to answer your nutrition related questions and provide small tweaks and updates to your personalized nutrition plan

    • One time payment
    • Retainer fee for a personal nutritionist to ask questions any time of the day
    • Choose from 1, 2, and 3 months on-going support
    • Email Support (preferably) but may also engage in other social media platforms

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