Weight Management Program

8,000.00 60 minutes

An 8-week holisitc program to give you total control over your weight. The program will tackle physical, mental, and social hurdles to managing weight and keeping it off for life with the goal of dietary flexibility and a sustainable level of physical activity to match your busy lifestyle.

Duration: Total of 3 sessions

  • (3) 60 minute consultations with Coach Tim
  • (6) Weekly check-ins with Coach Cheska (Accountability Coach)


  • Your initial session will be done via video call with Coach Tim via the platform of your choice
  • Your weekly check-ins will be done as needed with Coach Cheska in between sessions
  • Follow-up schedule with Coach Tim will be on every 4th week of your plan

Initial Session Flow:

  1. Discussion of goals with long-term and short-term planning and breakdown
  2. Discussion of key indicators (weight, clothes size, visuals, feelings of well-being)
  3. Education (technical) and Execution (tactical) for long term knowledge and strategies that are feasible to your current situation and environment
  4. Emailed professional feedback with action points and resources sent to your email after the session within one to two business days

Weekly Check-Ins:

  1. Monitoring of how the diet feels and accountability
  2. Small tweaks in plan as needed

Follow-up Session Flow:

  1. Indicator discussion and assessment of results based on data gathered
  2. Troubleshooting technical or tactical problems encountered
  3. Dietary progressions depending on results
  4. Professional recommendations and suggestions based on identified problems


  1. Questions may be sent through email tnclinicandconsultancy@gmail.com within the duration of the service