Three Month Training Program

10,000.00 90 minutes

Perfect for individuals who aim for a specific training goal taking into account their current training age (experienced or inexperience in training) and equipment availability to make their training effective & sustainable.

Duration: Total of 4 sessions

  • (1) 60-90 minute initial consult and movement screen
  • (3) 30-minute follow-up sessions


  • Your initial session will be done via video call with one of our coaches via the platform of your choice
  • Customized training program based on the initial consultation goals and movement screen
  • Please allot a small space to do movements for the movement screen which may involve pushups and squats during the consultation
  • Follow-up schedule will be set at the end of your consultation

Training program inclusions:

  • Linked video demonstrations of exercise for technique and execution
  • Complete sets and reps guide for 4 weeks
  • Guidelines for ideal weight per exercise
  • Guidelines for rest periods ideal for current training phase and training experience


  • Exercise technique feedback through video submission to further improve execution
  • Feedbacks and questions answered every M-W-F morning through Viber

Follow-up Session Flow:

  • Evaluating progress
  • Troubleshooting execution mistakes
  • Feedback for your body’s response to training to adjust the program for the next training phase
  • Discuss next possible training phase for continuous progress