Three Month Nutrition Program

8,500.00 60 minutes

Great fit for individuals who want to have the right skills, guidance, and accountability to make seamless lifelong changes to their eating habits over a longer period of time. Best used to improve your relationship with food and solve yo-yo dieting.

Duration: Total of 4 sessions

  • (1) 60 minute initial consult
  • (3) 30-minute follow-up sessions booked every 3-4 weeks from the last session


  • Your initial session will be done via video call with one of our coaches via the platform of your choice
  • Follow-up schedule will be set at the end of your consultation

Initial Session Flow:

  1. Goal setting and planning to figure out the best way to go about your goals
  2. Discussion of indicators (what figures to monitor for progress)
  3. Education and recommendations which may include diet plans and exercise suggestions depending on needs and goals
  4. Emailed professional feedback with action points and resources sent to your email after the session within one business day

Follow-up Session Flow:

  1. Metrics discussion based on data gathered
  2. Troubleshooting problems encountered
  3. Diet progressed according to results
  4. Professional recommendations and suggestions based on identified problems


  1. Questions may be sent through email within the duration of the service