Quarantine Programme


This program is designed as a partnership between demesatraining and timnutrition to give you a comprehensive package in fitness and nutrition during this quarantine season

This program includes:

  1. A starter guide telling you what measurements and how to take them to track progress
  2. A tracking form that auto-computes stuff for you to help you track your progress
  3. A 12 week (3 month) long training and nutrition plan that uses minimal equipment (body weight) with links to exercises and a program schedule from Monday to Sunday
  4. 6 easy-to-follow diet plans ranging from 1200-2500 kcals for a degree of personalization based on your current body weight and activity level to give the best results

Download link will be up for 7 days upon purchase.

File link is sent to your mail upon completion of payment / receipt of proof of payment.