Personalized Training Template


A structured and progressive 12-week program-only training plan that’s suitable for people who want to train anytime, anywhere, with any equipment.

This guide is optimized for your chosen set of equipment and comes with the recommended set of exercises according to your goals with effort-based scaling to let you dictate how fast you progress and get better everyday.


  • Make and settle an order for the Personalized Training Template
  • Fill out the pre-consult form and wait for the confirmation email
  • Allow a 24-48 hour waiting time for our coaches to customize your template based on your goals
  • This version of the template only caters to non-athletes and injury-free or minor injuries

Training Template inclusions:

  • Training Booklet
  • Flexible Training Program (You may modify some exercises using a dropdown menu if you wish to do so)
  • Customized comfortable number of days you can commit to the training program (based on your pre-consultation form)
  • 12 week-progressive plan on your chosen equipment whether it’s bodyweight-only, home-gym with bands, or a full gym setup (based on your pre-consultation form)
  • Complete video guide on template usage and individual exercise cues by Coach Dwight


  • Access to exclusive Tim Nutrition Facebook group for questions