Personalized Diet Template


A customized 12-week program-only diet plan that’s suitable for anyone who can work their way around the kitchen.

This guide is optimized for meal preparation with customized calories, macros, and meal timing for performance in order to have better training adaptations and recovery for an effective fitness journey.


  • Make and settle an order for the Personalized Diet Template
  • Fill out the pre-consult form and wait for the confirmation email
  • Allow a 24-48 hour waiting time for our coaches to customize your template based on your goals
  • This version of the template only caters to non-special diets and allergies
    • Special dietary needs like vegetarian, vegan, special diets for hyperthyroidism and diabetes are not eligible.

Diet Template inclusions:

  • Diet Booklet
  • Complete video guide on template usage by Coach Tim
  • 4-phased progressive plan
    • Option 1: (Fat loss 1,2,3 + Maintenance)
    • Option 2: (Muscle Gain 1,2,3 + Maintenance)
  • (Bonus) Grocery Builder


  • Access to exclusive Tim Nutrition Facebook group for questions