Personal Training Program

5,000.00 60 minutes

Duration: One-time 60 minute consult

Mechanics: Session will be done via video call with Coach Dwight via the platform of your choice

Session Flow:

  1. Layout of long-term and short-term training goals
  2. Assessment of movement capabilities (short movement exam – wear comfortable clothes and have a small space to move during the consult!)
  3. Checking of equipment availability and tailoring of training frequency / duration to lifestyle and preference
  4. Setting of self-monitoring indicators / metrics to help you keep track of your progress
  5. Education (technical) and Execution (tactical) for long term knowledge and strategies that are feasible to your current situation and environment
  6. Emailed professional feedback with action points and resources sent to your email after the session within one to two business days


  1. Questions may be sent through email