General Strength Program

8,000.00 60 minutes

A full online 8-week customized fitness program emphasizing on building a lifestyle around strength training and conditioning for non-athletes. It tailors the program to your lifestyle and availability to train. This program is perfect for people looking to establish a strong foundation to strength training, keep themselves injury-free, and functionally-able to tackle life’s demands.

Duration: Total of 2 synchronous sessions ; 8 asynchronous sessions

  • (1) 60 minute initial consult and movement screen
  • (1) 30-minute follow-up session
  • (8) Weekly personalized feedback on exercise technique via CoachNow™ App


  • Your initial session will be done via video call with Coach Dwight (strength coach) via the platform of your choice
  • Customized training program based on the initial consultation goals and movement screen
  • Please allot a small space to do movements for the movement screen which may involve pushups and squats during the consultation
  • Follow-up schedule will be set around the 4th week into your program for adjustments (may change as needed)

Training program inclusions:

  • Linked video demonstrations of exercise for technique and execution
  • Complete training sets and repetition scheme guide for 8 weeks
  • Guidelines for ideal weight per exercise
  • Guidelines for rest periods ideal for current training phase and training experience


  • Exercise technique feedback through video submission to further improve execution

Follow-up Session Flow:

  1. Evaluating progress
  2. Troubleshooting execution mistakes
  3. Feedback for your body’s response to training to adjust the program for the next training phase
  4. Discuss next possible training phase for continuous progress