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TimNutrition Clinic and Consultancy offers professional Nutrition Coaching.

Nutrition Coaching deals with not only how much or when you eat but also how you eat.

We believe most people struggle on their diet not because of the lack of discipline, but because they simply try to do too much too soon or have the wrong mindset / information when it comes to dieting.

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Join dozens of people who are learning to eat better with proper nutrition coaching.

A combination of scientific knowledge and practical application tailored to your unique lifestyle will give you the best approach towards your goal

  • Knowledgeable expertise

    Coach Tim, the head sports nutritionist and dietician, will be working with you personally and is dedicated to guiding you towards your goal.

  • Individualized services

    We push for individualized nutrition coaching because we know that everyone's needs are different and what works for another person may not work for you.

  • Dietary flexibility

    You don't need to eat out of a Tupperware to do nutrition well! We educate you so you can still eat ‘normal’ foods but tweak your current nutritional practices for a sustainable relationship with food.

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