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Work with us! We’re a team consisting of a nutritionist-dietitian and a strength coach. Our coaching programs consists of education, accountability, and individualization to suit your preference, lifestyle and environment for a sustainable relationship with food and exercise.

The TN System

  1. Assessment

    We want to hear you out! We already know the science part, tell us what we don't know... you!

  2. Coaching

    Your coach will thoroughly discuss the ins-and-outs of what you're missing and create a personalized program with your feedback.

  3. Accountability

    You're not alone! Weekly check-ins will be done for minor changes and follow-up sessions every month for updates and troubleshooting.

We want to take out the guess work and give you the most effective route to reach your goals so you can focus on doing the the things you love - better and stronger.

The Experts Behind Your Journey

Coach Tim


Coach Tim believes in an all-foods-fit model where there is an optimal time and place for every food depending on your goals. He adopts an unbiased view with diets picking out the strengths and weaknesses of each and reassembling them to suit your goals and preferences to make diets easier to stick to.

Coach Dwight

Strength and Conditioning

Coach Dwight believes that every-body is different and works to help you perform exercise movements safely and efficiently according to your training goals. He utilizes both traditional and unconventional methods (when needed) to create a sustainable fitness program that extends beyond the confines of typical gym equipment.

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