It’s not just a diet!

TimNutrition Clinic offers professional Nutrition Coaching.

We believe, diets are like tools. Each diet would have a best time and place for proper application.

Our team composed of a nutritionist-dietician, a strength coach, and an exercise psychologist will teach you a practical approaches to nutrition and fitness to develop a program that suits your lifestyle and personality for a sustainable and healthy relationship with food.

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Join dozens of people who are learning to eat better with proper nutrition coaching.

We have multiple coaching packages tailored for people who have a distinct set of goals and need varying levels of support.

  • Team of Highly Qualified Coaches

    Your case will be reviewed by a group of professionals consisting of Coach Tim (Nutritionist- Dietician), Coach Dwight (Strength Coach), and Coach Cheska (Exercise Psychology) to determine the best course of action.

  • Consultation Proper

    You will be contacted in the platform of your choice on the day of your appointment by one of our coaches to thoroughly discuss the recommendations.

  • Follow-up Support

    Monitoring and follow-ups will be done every 2-3 weeks based on results and strategies discussed.

Whether you’d like to know the basics or have full guidance throughout your journey, we've got you covered. Find out which service is best for you and your goals.

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